Ganga Sagar Vessel Time Table Kachuberia-Lot-8 (04/08/2021)

To reach Sagar Island one must cross the Muriganga river/creek by Vessel service. Ferry service is available in both Harwood point and Namkhana and is controlled by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation.

KACHUBERIA – LOT-8 FERRY SERVICE ( Wednesday – 04/08/2021 )

Departure Time
from Kachuberia
Status Departure Time
from Lot-8
05-30 AM06-00 AM
06-30 AM07-00 AM
07-30 AM08-00 AM
08-30 AM09-00 AM
09-00 AM 09-30 AM
09-30 AM10-00 AM
10-00 AM10-30 AM
11-00 AM SUSPENDED 11-30 AM
11-45 AM SUSPENDED 12-15 PM
12-30 PM SUSPENDED 01-00 PM
01-45 PM SUSPENDED 02-15 PM
03-00 PM03-30 PM
03-30 PM04-00 PM
04-00 PM SUSPENDED 04-45 PM
04-30 PM05-00 PM
05-15 PM SUSPENDED 06-00 PM
05-30 PM06-00 PM
06-30 PM07-00 PM
07-00 PM07-30 PM
07-30 PM08-00 PM
**The service may be suspended in case of natural calamity**

(Ganga Sagar) Kachuberia to (Kakdwip) Lot no-8 Ferry Time Table

This website is very useful for your time and gets instant Details of Vessel timings. Gangasagar vessel time is changing every time. So it’s impotent to get Time schedule for Lot no 8 – Kachuberia ferry service daily.